The Anaual March Post

Just a friendly reminder that I am still alive. I just don’t care enough about this site to keep updating it, apparently.


If you want to reach me, follow me, whatever you like, here’s the best ways to do it.


Email: is my buisness email. is my personal email.


Everything from the above address gets filtered here, so I never miss anything. I just like to keep it professional; work email for work things, personal email for personal things. Easy!


Social Media: is my personal Facebook page. is my official Nicsho Facebook page. Follow that for all the Nicsho stuff, and follow /Nicsho if you want to see my personal nonsense.


For some reason, when I enter the url Twitter.comSLASH Nicsho, this box pops up. So either type that into your URL or click the @Nicsho thingy at the top of the box below for that.



I rarely ever use it, by my Skype username is nic.schweitzer. The last time I actually used it was giving a house tour to some Public Access folks in 2013/14, and since I’m writing this in March of 2017, you can see how little I use it or even care about using it. Its an option, its installed on all my devices just in case, but don’t expect it to work every single time if you try it. Just a heads up.


Right, I think that’s it. Anything else, and I’ll update it on the Contact Nic page. Good morning to you! Or have a good night! Whatever is applicable to your current situation.

Upcoming Nicsho Projects–December 2016


Welcome to the first iteration of Upcoming Nicsho Projects! Hopefully this’ll get updated every month. But please note: Just because something is listed here doesn’t mean it will necessarily get released that month, or possibly ever. With that in mind, here is the first batch of things I’d like to announce:


  1. Kwanzaa Cake LIVE*!!!
  2. Zapruder & The Mistake
  3. Untitled Mass Shooting Mini-Series


Please feel free to skip ahead to the one you are interested in.